Hi there and welcome to ‘The Love Energy Frequency Transformation’ Program, I cannot wait to share it with you!

As a Singer/Songwriter, I have a real passion for music and its healing abilities, so this is not just any kind of music…its Transformative Music‘.

Back in 2011 I discovered the musical frequency of 528 Hertz whilst browsing through the internet. I really didn’t know much about musical frequencies, tones, vibration, energy etc at that time, I just knew that I was very interested in learning more about them and how they work. I became really curious to what effects music has on our bodies, our mental, our physical and our emotional state(s). In 2013, I had a chance meeting with another musician at a Spiritual event, who told me that there was not only 528 Hz, but a sequence of 8 other musical frequencies. He was a keyboard player, and he had ‘tuned’ his keyboard to the full 9 frequencies. My mind was blown!

So in 2015 I released my first solo Album ‘The Love Energy’ and from what I had learnt, and my curious nature, I got the 9 album songs ‘tuned’ to the 9 different Solfeggio Tones, which was a new concept at the time! I do not know of any other Singer/Songwriter who has done this. Since then, many Artists have ‘tuned’ their music into 528 Hz or even 432 Hz.

There is so much to learn about the many different musical frequencies, and its ongoing… I learn everyday. So I decided to finally put together a 4 module online course that would teach people worldwide all about them, with audios, meditations and much more….

If you would like to join this program, please contact me and I will put you on the waiting list to keep you updated on the release date.

A 4 Module Program To Help Raise Your Personal Vibration Through Digital Tones!


  • How to raise your own personal frequency
  • How to access your vibrant self
  • How to use Meditations with purpose
  • How to develop a sense of wellbeing
  • How to learn to have a positive attitude and outlook in life

Watch the video to find out more….




A Transformational Course Helping You To Feel Rejuvenated & Energised!


  • How to apply a powerful selection of 10 different musical tones to uplift and invigorate you
  • How digital frequencies can affect you on a deep cellular level
  • How to clear your chakra’s and auric energy field
  • How your emotions are affected in your bodies energy system, and how to balance them 
  • How to de-stress with ease and joy
  • How and when to use the many different musical tones

Course Content:

Module 1: VIBE (Its all about the Vibe!) – the history of music, vibration, different frequencies

Module 2: INTENTION (Setting your intention) – clearing your past, chakras, auric energy field, sound waves

Module 3: FOCUS (focus on the good) – stress, emotions, body atlas map, map of consciousness

Module 4: ELEVATE (are you ready for lift off!) – soul alignment, water crystals, electromagnetic field, binaural beats, malta & the pyramids


Receive latest songs from Elyse

3 x Frequency Meditations

How to create Money with Frequency

Foods that Vibrate (part II)

Interviews with Creative Artists

Mind set, ready go!

1-1 chakra audit

Helpful and informative

This course was jam-packed with helpful and informative content including practical ways to use what was being taught. I found it easy to follow, interesting and incredibly moving. Frequency 8 was by far my favourite and gave me goosebumps all over. I had no knowledge of any of this prior to doing the course but now I feel very well educated and also lighter and less bogged down by day-to-day troubles following the meditations. Thank you Elyse. This is a fabulous course! Xx
Sarah Ibrahim, Essex UK

Lovely, Warm, genuine person

Elyse is a lovely, warm, genuine person and clearly cares about humanity and the planet. I’m so grateful to her for sharing the information in this course, it’s absolutely fascinating and as a big fan of sound healing I knew I had to do this course. It would be wonderful if its contents could be shared far and wide. How different our lives would be if we were all living at a higher frequency.

Liz, West Yorkshire





I am so sure that if you learn what I teach you and complete the required tasks, you will make huge progress in your own personal frequency/vibration.  However, if after the first 2 weeks (14 DAYS), you don’t feel like that I have delivered at least twice as much value or £149 worth of actionable advice and strategies to help you achieve a higher vibration, DESPITE having completed the first 2 weeks required tasks (evidence required), I will happily refund you the money.