‘It’s not just beautiful empowering music, it’s transformational!’

Growing up in Manchester, UK, my first musical experience was in a RnB band at the age of 14.

In 1994 I joined the German Eurodance Group MAXX (maxxmusic90s) and we had great chart success with the hit songs: ‘Get Away’, ‘No More (I cant stand it), ‘You Can Get It’, and the Album ‘To The Maxximum’. I appeared on numerous TV & Radio shows, and performed music videos in Marseille, Budapest & New York. In 2017, I began touring again worldwide with MAXX, and this is a photo of me in Israel Nov 2019. MAXX Youtube channel: https://bit.ly/3yh1F8U

Much has changed over the years, as I now finally embrace my own solo music career, I have so much joy to share with the world and It feels fantastic!!! I created Elyse nearly 10 years ago (my original name was Linda) when I got married with my new surname of ‘Rogers’ – it feels creative, positive and I think it suits me well 😉

But it was in 2012 that I finally discovered the many healing and health benefits of ‘musical tones’. So I trained and gained many different qualifications in personal development, nutrition, musical healing and energy work.

My Solo Album – The Love Energy‘ was released in 2015, and is special and unique, because ALL the 9 album tracks have been ’tuned’ into 9 different musical ‘tones’ – giving an overall experience of upliftment and joy! 

I am very proud to share with you that I will start to release ALL my solo music real soon, and also a 4 moduled online music course called: ‘The Love Energy Frequency Transformation Program’.

My music is not ONE specific genre musical style but an eclectic mix of different styles from pop, dance, trance to soulful house. 

I enjoy writing strong uplifting lyrics, that motivate you to be the best most loving version of you. My mission is to ‘raise the planets frequency to LOVE through positive music’

Nowadays, I adore eating healthy (Plant Based), walk’s in nature and doing the inner healing work. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you.

With Love Energy,